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Deliciosa vol IV  - Juancho Vargas - 1970
Label: Discos Fuentes 200714 (Peru)
Format: LP
From: Peru
My rating: Not yet rated

Entered: 01/19/2004
Last updated: 01/19/2004

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Another Peruvian find, I was unable to resist this cover. And since I have only the cover and not the record with me, that's all I can tell you right now. Shall I rename my site 'Deliciosa'? Maybe I'll just start calling my self 'juancho'.
“Wow cool that you like the album cover so much. Some quick corrections tho, the album isn't from Peru, but Colombia. Its by Juancho Vargas (my grandpa) and if ur interested in what he sounds like since you don't have the LP, please listen to Fruko, his student and occasional "colaborador". How did u find it anyway?”

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