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The Exotic Sounds of Love  - 101 Strings - 1970
Label: Astor (Australia)
Format: LP
From: USA
My rating: 7/10

Entered: 09/30/2003
Last updated: 12/17/2010

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This one is quite hard to get hold of, so I jumped at the chance to buy it recently. Why am I obsessed with porno records? I don't think I really am. But they do amuse me, so I tend to pick them up when I see them.

It's great to have this LP as a companion to The Sounds of Love. The cover designs are obviously done as a series, but while the cover star of The Sounds of Love has a kind of soft-focus 60s Playboy look to her, the cover star here looks like she's ready to get right down to it.

The music has stepped up a gear from The Sounds of Love as well. There are a couple of tracks from Les Baxter's great Que Mango album, but the standouts are 'Karma Sitar' and 'Whiplash', which appeared as bonus tracks on the 101 Strings Astro sounds from beyond the year 2000 CD. There also some other entertaining tracks that don't appear on any other records I have, such as 'I believe' and 'don't leave me like this'. Perhaps these are also on their Sounds of today LP; I'm not sure.

Overall, I enjoyed the LP quite a bit, mainly because the string sound is smooth in that great late 60s/early 70s way, with a nice groove to the rhythms in the background.

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