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Um embalo com  - Renato e seus Blue Caps - 1966
Label: CBS (Brasil)
Format: LP
From: Brazil
My rating: Not yet rated

Entered: 08/10/2003
Last updated: 08/10/2003

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A Brazilian group playing pop/rock hits of the time (such as 'california dreaming', 'you won't see me'), sung in Portuguese. My hopes aren't that high for this one, but I couldn't resist giving it a go.
   eric rock:
“Renato e seus Blue Caps, the best brazilian rock/pop band ever, they still performed today, this album:Um Embalo(A Shake) is the favorite for every brazilian fan, like: Nao te esquecerei, ate o fim, a primeira lagrima, etc, every one is very good, i use to play every day in my home and i love it. please visit some Renato e seus blue caps, websites, e OBRIGADO(tanx) Eric Rock.”

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