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It's a Wonderful Life  - Sparklehorse - 2001
Label: Capitol (USA)
Format: CD
From: USA
My rating: Not yet rated

Entered: 02/04/2003
Last updated: 05/03/2003

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I finally found this album used. Do you think perhaps I'm a cheapskate? It seems pretty good. I have a strong, but undeveloped interest in the band. I am a huge fan of some of the tracks on 'good morning spider' (in particular, 'sunshine'). This album also seems to have several strong tracks. 'Gold day' sounds kind of like a slightly more thoughtful Pavement with strings.

In general, the record achieves a very cool mood, through the use of some interesting recording techniques and sound effects. The instrumentation consists mostly of acoustic guitars, drums, bass, organ sounds and (sometimes) strings. The vocals are quiet and slightly spooky and whispering.

I will have to give this a more thorough review and listen in the future, but it sounds very promising.

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