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Sacundin Ben Samba  - Jorge Ben - 1963
Label: Universal 73145181092 (Brazil)
Format: CD
From: Brazil
My rating: 8/10

Entered: 09/19/2002
Last updated: 09/19/2002

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I suspect that Jorge Ben's style is an acquired taste. His vocals are quite raw, and he seems to be very comfortable with going out of tune if the mood requires it. That said, I find him one of the most incredible composers in Brazil, I love the textures and moods of his 60s (and some of his 70s) recordings, and I've come to love his voice.

Sacundin Ben Samba beings with the out-of-tune vocals of 'Anjo Azul', accompanied by just a guitar. The track builds gradually with horns and percussion to a beautiful and explosive chorus. 'Nena Nană' sounds like a rough draft for Ben's famous 'Mais Que Nada', with many of the same musical phrases thrown in.

The album continues with eleven quite similar tracks; all have a very cool pop feel to them, spiced up with jazzy piano and percussion. Highlights for me 'Capoeira', with the superb blanket of sound provided by Ben's voice and the piano and percussion, and the catchy chorus of vocals on 'Carnaval Triste'.
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