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Changing Colors  - Nelson Riddle - 1973
Label: BASF MB 20887 (USA)
Format: LP
From: USA
My rating: 7/10

Entered: 01/26/2002
Last updated: 04/08/2003

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An interesting Nelson Riddle record, very different to his earlier American recordings. This was recorded in the Black Forest of Germany with Claus Ogerman for the MPS label, which gives it a different edge. Indeed, I'd say this is far, far more interesting than the two late 60s US albums I have by him ('the contemporary sound of..' and 'Nelson Riddle today'). Highlights here are two originals, 'Sao Paulo' (recommended at musical taste) and 'Changing colors', as well as Antonio Carlos Jobim's excellent 'Lamento', which was included on the German 'Snowflakes' compilation of mood music material on the MPS label. There are also pop covers (like 'my sweet lord' and 'close to you'). A very nice LP.

Update: I listened to this album again last night and noticed that it includes a version of Dusty Springfield's 'Just a little lovin'. A pretty cool album, all in all, although perhaps too lush and slow for most people's taste.

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