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His Greatest Hits  - Alvino Rey - 1961
Label: Dot DLP 3391 (USA)
Format: LP
From: USA
My rating: 10/10

Entered: 01/26/2002
Last updated: 00/00/0000

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For such a boringly titled LP, this is quite incredibly good. I believe this is Alvino's concession to the early 60s trend of bandleaders to re-record their hits in the newly available 'Hi-fi Sound'. Hence we get re-recordings of 'Steel Guitar Rag', 'Mama Blues' (which I recommended over at musical taste), 'Rose Room', 'Hindustan', 'Bloop Bleep', 'Tiger Rag', 'St Louis Blues', 'Cement Mixer', 'Idaho', 'On the alomo', 'Near You' and 'Guitar Boogie'.

How does that sound? Not that interesting? Well, in fact, it's quite superb, and really one of the best records I've ever bought. The arrangements are quirky, but never jarring or tasteless. The recording and sound quality are superb, and Alvino's guitar playing (he plays several different types, and is pictured on the back cover with half a dozen of them) is top class. I'm quite partial to this stuff anyway (for example, I LOVE the recordings Les Paul made in the late 40s, 50s and early 60s), but I have to recommend this album to absolutely anyone. It's brilliant, and stands head and shoulders above most things ever released.

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