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Between or Beyond the Black Forest Volume 2  (Compilation) - 1968-1978
Label: Crippled DIck Hot Wax CDHW 064 (Germany)
Format: CD
From: Germany
My rating: 4/10

Entered: 07/20/2001
Last updated: 00/00/0000

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Yikes. I was really happy to find this used, but that was because I thought I would enjoy it far, far more than I actually did. It's wacky stuff, and rather demanding on the ears. There are bursts of funkiness, but many of the songs are over-long, and it's mostly jazz/rock hybrid (with the emphasis on jazz), without much to offer to a poor wimp with a big pop sensibility like me. The drums are quite prominent throughout this compilation, and there are plenty of cool electronic noises. It just doesn't gel enough for me. Maybe I need more patience! Where the tracks are more coherent, they tend to be over-smooth and over-long (e.g. 'scratches' by Charly Antolini). Probably my favorite track here is one I already knew from the 'Get Easy' vol 4 compilation - Nelson Riddle's easy-funk number 'Volcano's daughter'. Also enjoyable is the creepy crime-jazz style (even though it's from 1968) 'Powerstart' by Roland Kovac.

Overall, however, this leaves me cold. Even the great Dave Pike fails to impress me with the track 'baiafrock/volker'. It's an over noodley fusion piece which sounds entirely tasteless to me.

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