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Dig it! The sound of Phase 4 Stereo  (Compilation) - 1965-1973
Label: Deram 8446182 (UK)
Format: CD
From: UK
My rating: 6/10

Entered: 09/26/2002
Last updated: 05/03/2003

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Compiled by The Karminsky Experience, who were responsible for better-known compilations like 'In-flight Entertainment' and 'Espresso Espresso', this UK-issue disc contains exclusively material from the London Phase 4 label. It makes for fun listening, with most tracks being brassy British easy listening takes on pop hits of the 60s.

Roland Shaw, Claude Denjean and John Keating are among the artists represented. Probably my favorite tracks are the two groovy Ted Heath tracks, 'don't cha hear me calling to ya' and 'spinning wheel', and Ronnie Aldrich's superb twin piano rendition of 'Soulful Strut'. Beyond that, this is pleasant without being outstanding.

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