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¡Jonathan, te vas a emocionar!  - Jonathan Richman - 1994
Label: Rounder CD9040 (USA)
Format: CD
From: USA
My rating: 5/10

Entered: 06/20/2001
Last updated: 05/03/2003

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I feel pretty ignorant when it comes to this one. My interest in Jonathan Richman has been building recently. I read a great article on him in Cool and Strange Music magazine; also, a friend played me 'I was dancing in a Lesbian Bar', which I enjoyed very much. This album is from 1994, and is sung mostly in Spanish with phrases like 'rock'n'roll' thrown in. The backing is mostly acoustic guitar. I have very little more to say about it at this point. I think it's something I'll be getting into at a later date.

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