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The Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks  (Compilation) - 1966-1972
Label: Motor 553 499-2 (Germany)
Format: CD
My rating: 10/10

Entered: 09/26/2002
Last updated: 09/26/2002

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Another superior soundtrack compilation. Put together by Frank Jastfelder and Stefan Kassel, this 1997 compilation also includes liner notes in English, with original cover art. The 20 tracks are all pretty fantastic. The compilers choose a mixture of original soundtrack cuts and cover versions of pieces from films. Both work very well, and there are some absolute classics on here, such as Henry Mancini's theme from The Party, complete with a rocking chorus, and Sid Ramin's original 'Stilletto' theme, which features an incredibly catchy and funky organ sound, together with a bare beat.

Particularly effective tracks that are not original versions include the two Chaquito (aka UK arranger John Gregory) cuts, 'The name of the game' and 'It takes a thief', and Maurice Pop's '77 Sunset Strip' (a bouncy version with wordless vocals, sounding completely different from the original). There's also a Paul Desmond version of Hugo Montenegro's 'Lady in Cement', while Montenegro himself takes on Lalo Schifrin's 'The fox', with superb 'Ba-ba' vocals.

There's also some soft-pop style material on here, including Harpers Bizarre ('Malibu U') and The Sandpipers ('beyond the valley of the dolls'). Also very enjoyable is Mark Lindsay's version of Burt Bacharach's 'Something Big'.

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