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Samba Nova Conceptcao  - Eumir Deodato - 1964
Label: Ubatuqui UBCD102 (Spain)
Format: CD
From: Brazil
My rating: 6/10

Entered: 06/18/2001
Last updated: 00/00/0000

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A nice, breezy bossa instrumental set with a small combo featuring Deodato on the piano. Everything has a very tight feel to it and is very enjoyable; it's also interesting to hear early interpretations of songs which went on to become quite famous (well, to me, anyway - e.g. 'nana'), as well as the Marcos Valle tunes 'sonho de maria' and 'amor de nada'. My only complaint is that the percussion sound is a little plastic sounding. Odd, since the percussionist is the excellent Wilson das Neves, and the recording is from 1964, but it almost sounds like a drum machine on some tracks. The orchestrations, by a very young deodato, seem to be quite heavily influenced by Henry Mancini, with prominent brass arrangements. All in all a very pleasant sounding record, but one which just breezes by, and from which it's hard to choose standout tracks.
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