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Spotlight on Chaquito  - John Gregory (Compilation) - 1962-1972
Label: Philips (UK)
Format: LP
From: UK
My rating: 5/10

Entered: 09/05/2004
Last updated: 09/05/2004

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This is a 2 LP set compiling Chaquito recordings from 1962–72. It's quite pleasant, with a mixture of Latin American and Brazilian stuff, plus some standards (‘it’s magic’) etc, all played in blaring brassy style with lots of bongos. I've had some of these albums before, and while they're quirky, they're not as outstanding as some of Gregory's other work as an arranger. The highlight for me on this set is the 1972 version of ‘Upa Neguino’, which is excellent. I wonder if the original album it comes from is as good.
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