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Gregory Conducts  - John Gregory (Compilation) - 1967-1972
Label: Philips (UK)
Format: LP
From: UK
My rating: 8/10

Entered: 09/05/2004
Last updated: 09/05/2004

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This is an early 70s 'sampler' compilation of lots of different John Gregory albums.

It actually contains some very nice material indeed. ‘Fire and Rain’ is a very cool early 70s instrumental with strings, beats, etc.

Hawaii 5-0 is so-so. Onedin Line is a pleasant enough slow stringy romantic theme. The version of ‘Sunny’ is very nice – upbeat and jazzy. A face in the clouds is a Gregory original. Very nice beaty, vibey track; the rhythm at the beginning reminds me of ‘bubbles’ by The Free Design. Shaft is nice. Somehow cooler than lots of takes on this tune. 'Softly whispering I love you' is a breezy and rather twee pop song with wordless vocals.

Aquarius is absolutely outstanding, with a huge breakbeat and a very imaginative arrangement. La Mer is a bit of a letdown after that, but it’s actually quite a nice version of Trenet’s tune. ‘Spies and dolls’ is a nice original (kind of a 12-bar blues actually) in the style of a detective theme with bongos and blaring brass. Meditation is a homely adaptation of a Massenet theme. ‘Softly Softly’ is the only track on here that I’d heard before; I think it’s on the ‘detectives’ LP that I have. It’s a cool theme with big brass and bongos.

I've seen dealers attempt to hype this up, but still fail to sell it on ebay for a few pounds. Although not as rare as some of his other albums, I think this is well worth getting hold of, particularly in light of that irresistable take on 'Aquarius'.
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