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Violent Violins  - Michel Legrand - 1964
Label: Mercury (UK)
Format: LP
From: France
My rating: 6/10

Entered: 08/03/2004
Last updated: 08/03/2004

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I coveted this UK reissue of Michel Legrand's 'Plays for Dancers' LP for years, mainly because of its very cool cover. Fisheye effect, a sparkly catsuit, S&M, a cool 50s atomic style font; this one has it all!

The LP is quite cool (I actually already have the US issue). The famous compiled tracks, 'Digue-ding' and 'Come ray and come charles' are the standouts, but it's all good fun.
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“I couldn't agree more - the UK reissue is a true diamond of a record. Both the reissue and the original seem very hard to come by - I happened to pick the reissue up here in Oz a couple of years back for A$12 if I remember rightly. Why have I never seen it come up for sale anywhere since? Some LPs just seem to have some conspiracy of silence surrounding them, and this appears to be one of them! Fans of 'Violent Violins' might want to try Werner Muller's 'Wild Strings' - kinda along the same lines, but covers rather than originals, and more swinging than groovy. Norman Candler (heck! No! Really?) at his wildest (which sadly didn't seem to occur that often), could psych out a string orchestra through a Moog to as good an effect as on, say,'Astro Sounds'. Anyone for a CD reissue of 'Violent Violins'? Post your votes here.”

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