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Zdzislawa Sosnicka  - Zdzislawa Sosnicka - 1974
Label: Polskie Nagrania SXL 1073 (Poland)
Format: LP
From: Poland
My rating: 4/10

Entered: 01/19/2004
Last updated: 01/19/2004

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For three years I lived in Greenpoint, which is the Polish neighbourhood of Brooklyn, NY. When I moved there I had dreams of finding boxes of Polish jazz and scat vocal records (Novi Singers and the like). It didn't happen. But I did find a few very interesting 60s and 70s pop records with female vocals.

I gather that Zdzislawa Sosnicka is quite a star in Poland. The arrangements are fantastic at times, but the compositions aren't really to my taste in the main. For example, the first track has an unmistakable Eurovision feel, with a cheesy vocal chorus.

Thus while there are some incredible moments (soaring strings with nice basslines and breakbeats), there aren't many tracks here that I really enjoy listening to the whole way through. 'Loneliness, my cradle' is a spooky slow pop song, and 'Good Night, Darling,' (similar but more hip sounding) are the best tracks to my ears.

The arrangements are by five different people. I had been excited to hear the track arranged by Jerzy Milian, since I've heard work by him that was excellent. But the best arrangements turned out to be those by Marian Siejka, and in particular, the opening to 'Good Night, Darling' is outstanding.

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