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Nova Bossa Nova  - Marcos Valle - 1996
Label: Far Out FARO022 (UK)
Format: CD
From: Brazil
My rating: 5/10

Entered: 06/17/2001
Last updated: 00/00/0000

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I'm really, really glad that Marcos is back in the studio recording, and it sounds as if a lot of credit for this should go to Joe Davis of Far out records. That said, since my head is in the past, a record recorded in the late 90s was never going to be exactly my cup of tea. This is really pretty pleasant though. My first, and most obvious complaint, is that everything sounds a little too much like 'smooth jazz'. This tends to be true mainly of the introductions to the songs, which then build and are more appealing. Just to take an example though, the cheesy style of bass on 'Abandonu' really doesn't appeal to me. The strings, even the synth, which come in later, are great, but certain aspects of the production are a little jarring. I should maybe open my mind, eh. The fifth track is a remake of his stunning classic 'Freio Aerodynamico', this time set in a thoroughly updated late 90s setting. To my prejudiced ears, that means that it opens sounding like a Morales remix on a Pet Shop Boys CD single (I love the PSBs, incidentally). Anyway, the beat continues with noodly piano solo for over 2 minutes before the main theme breaks through. I think they might have been better leaving this one alone, but I guess it's Marcos's right. 'Mushi Mushi' and 'Nova Bossa Nova' are different from the early songs in that they retain much of the 60s feel of Marcos's greatest work, in spite of a slightly tinny piano sound. The last track is another remake, but this time of his 80s song 'A vontage de Rever Voce', featuring a guest female vocalist. All in all, this is a nice enough album, but tends too much towards middle of the road smooth jazz for my current taste. I have heard very high recommendations of his 2001 release 'Escape', and will report back on it here when I've checked it out.
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