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304 Holloway Road  (Compilation) - 1961-1966
Label: Sequel 1038-2 (USA)
Format: CD
From: UK
My rating: 7/10

Entered: 10/30/2002
Last updated: 01/07/2003

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I have great affection for this compilation of Joe Meek productions, since it's the one that introduced me to his work. Actually, it was Boyd Rice and Rose MacDowell's version of 'Johnny, Remember Me' (as Spell) that really piqued my interest. I picked up this disc soon afterwards, and still believe it to be one of the best Joe Meek compilations, although it seems now to have fallen out of print.

The opening track, 'I Hear a New World' is by Joe himself, and is taken from his lost space concept album of the same name. It's bizarre, ridiculous, and strangely compelling.

There are a number of great instrumentals highlighted here, including the Fleerekkers' 'Sunday Date', the Packabeats' superbly twangy 'Theme From the "Traitors"'.

Emile Ford and the Checkmates' 'What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?' sounds strangely out of place, probably because it's so smoothly produced. More typically of the compilation (and of Meek's output) is Andy Cavell's 'Andy', a fraught pop vocal with weird vocal effects and a decidedly retro 50s feel. Jess Conrad's 'Hurt me' is similar, except with hilarious spoken female commentary.

'Baby I Go for You' by the Blue Rondos is a very cool garagey instrumental with a rocking beat.

Other highlights for me include Pat Reader's 'cha cha on the moon', with delightful squelching sound effects, and Peter Cook's 'Georgia on my mind' (is it that Peter Cook? I don't know. I don't think so).

All in all, this is a nice compilation; well worth picking up. It complements Razor and Tie's It's hard to believe it... compilation quite nicely.

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