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Soundtracks for Living  - Gentle People - 1997
Label: Rephlex cat045cd (UK)
Format: CD
From: UK
My rating: 7/10

Entered: 10/23/2002
Last updated: 10/23/2002

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I've had this album for 5 years, but listening to it today, I suspect that I didn't really give it the attention it deserved before. I say that because I had entirely missed the track 'dream', which has some great Morricone touches with harpsichord, reminiscent of the Goldfrapp record.

The album as a whole is a strange hybrid of styles: ambient, modern pop, and glamorous 60s easy listening. True to the title, there is a soundtracky kind of feel as well. The first track, 'intro' is cool. It has a catchy indie-sounding guitar riff, backed by a bossa nova beat with a stereo effect, bouncing between the channels.

'The soundtrack of life' is quite good. If my ears are hearing correctly, it samples the Peter Thomas version of Marcos Valle's 'gente'. There are a lot of synths and ba-ba vocals.

'Le Tunnel de l'amour' and 'stay' are both rather cool slow ambient electronic pieces with string samples. I'm less into the kitschy pop songs with slightly cheesy effects-laden vocals, although their backings are often great. These include 'Laurie's theme', 'Journey'.

There is more to say than I have time for right now, but this is definitely an interesting album. I think that the production has slightly too much reverb on everything, and I'm not crazy about some of the vocals, but the influences and compositions are often great. There are some breathtaking echoey string samples.

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