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Amoroso/Brasil  - Joao Gilberto (Compilation) - 1977
Label: Warner Brothers 945165-2 (USA)
Format: CD
From: Brazil
My rating: 10/10

Entered: 09/27/2002
Last updated: 02/06/2003

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This record was recommended to me many years ago. I baulked at the new price, but picked it up used a few months ago. As soon as the first track, 'S'Wonderful' begins, the enormous charm of this record becomes apparent. This is because the first few seconds are taken up with the celestial strings of Claus Ogerman. This beautiful sound pops up here and there on every track on Amoroso, the first album on this CD. That said, 'S'Wonderful' is slightly comical - Gilberto's English vocal is quite charming, but combined with the lush strings and gentle guitar, it sounds almost too cute and perfect. Still, on a day when I'm not feeling cynical, it sounds superb. Besame Mucho in particular is really quite wonderful.

This really is an addictive disc. I must have listened to it 6 times today. The thing that really hits me is that you wouldn't know that this was recorded in 1977 rather than, say, 1967. Ogerman's arrangements on 'Amoroso' are incredible. 'Brasil' is a great album as well. The title track in particular is a stunning version. More on this when I get a chance.
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