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Programmed to Love  - Bent - 2000
Label: Ministry of Sound MOSUS5001-2 (USA)
Format: CD
My rating: 7/10

Entered: 11/09/2001
Last updated: 05/03/2003

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I bought this based on a recommendation from a friend. I have their single, 'always', and thought it was quite good - electronic pop stuff, sounding like a low fi cross between Air and the Pet Shop Boys. The first track, 'Exercise 1' (no, not the Joy Division song) samples the same track sampled on 'The Mambo Craze' by De Phazz, another European electronic piece. In fact, the whole track sounds very familiar - I think they are using the same kind of synthesizer (Alesis Qs6.1) as I own.

The second track is very pleasant, featuring some great Cocteau Twins-esque ambient sounds, some nice acoustic guitar, and a guest female vocalist.

Cyclons in love uses a vocoder, bringing to mind ELO and Air. Like much of the album, it's not especially creative musically, but it is very nicely textured.

The album proceeds quite nicely, with each track using plenty of samples, but never in a way which dominates the track. It recalls the band Groove Armada to me quite a lot, but is trying to be cool a little less, and so I prefer it. Also, there is a much stronger indie influence (particularly Cocteau Twins, Slowdive), which makes the album much more textured and interesting.

The use of samples throughout is quite creative. Overall, it's a very interesting record, kind of like one I might make if I was a bit better at what I do.

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