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Prisencolinesunaciusol – if you have not seen this, do not delay!


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Seventh Tree

Do I like the new Goldfrapp album? The short answer is “What’s not to like about the Cocteau Twins”! Seriously, it really strongly reminds me of them – have you ever heard the Cocteaus’ ‘Twinlights’ acoustic EP from 1995?

Anyway I think the album is ok but I need to give it time to grow on me. I’ll post some more about this at some point.

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Wow, where did those months go?

Thought I would squeeze in one more post before 2007 leaves me standing there.

It hasn’t been a bad year. Took a trip to California. Played some Misty Roses shows. Got an iPod that pleased me enough that I’ve actually been using it and becoming a bit more passionate about music again. I could probably count the LPs I’ve bought this year on one hand though, which pretty amazing when I remember how much my life used to be about that!

To anyone that reads this – hope 2008 is treating you well!

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Back from tour

Just back from a Misty Roses tour in Boston/Providence/NYC with the magnificent San Serac.

Actually didn’t pick up many records – too busy with band stuff. But Robert found some interesting 60s latin soul records in his building that he donated to me. I popped into my old favorite store, Academy, but came away with just a Lester Young CD. Again, no time!

I’ve finally got stuck into the pleasures of (once known as audioscrobbler). So I’m going to copy William and include some recently listened to tracks on this page.

Funny – it feels to me like I’ve just taken a few months out from regular internet community involvement, but actually it has been about 3 or 4 years and the whole landscape has changed! I need to redesign/redevelop some of my sites!

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Jazz Studio

hmm – I’m not sure where those five months went!

Bought some nice records the other day, the best of which was ‘This Guy’ by Duncan Lamont from 1970 on the Morgan label. Seriously good.

There have been dozens of CDs since I last wrote but weirdly the one that has had the most play is this.

More next year!

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I was just listening to the new Pet Shop Boys album, fundamental. I haven’t totally warmed to it yet, but at least it sounds like the Pet Shop Boys, unlike Release, which I thought was poor.

I now work in absolutely central London which will take some getting used to. Fun so far though.

I have a new record player set up at home and have enjoyed dipping into some records.

It remains the case though that my passion and enjoyment of music have been somewhat butchered over the past 12 months. I’m not happy about this. If you read this and have an idea of a compilation you would really like to have made, let me know. Maybe I can make it for you and get back into doing that kind of thing again.

On the plus side, there is a new Misty Roses release coming out in October! It’s currently being pressed, but you can hear some tracks over at our Myspace page.

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Sorry to have to use this blog as a sounding off point, but can I just say: are a bunch of crooks. I ordered a hard drive. Their courier company apparently tried to deliver it twice, but I was home on one of the days they claimed an attempt had been made, and there was no sign of them. No card was ever left, and whenever I called the courier company (amtrak – who I would also avoid), I just got stuck in a loop of recorded messages – there was no option to actually talk to anyone.

I was pretty relaxed about this – I figured they would get it to me eventually. You would think they would, right? Wrong. They cancelled my order, and then refunded my money MINUS the 6 pounds delivery charge. It’s only 6 pounds. But this basically means I have paid 6 pounds for the privilege of spending a day waiting in at home, making several phone calls, and spending hours on their incredibly irritating website, which has been carefully built to minimize the number of complaints they receive, with the contact forms cleverly hidden behind two or three levels of menus. They have no one you can phone up, which is fine, but it also took 5 or 6 messages before I got anyone to actually write a personal message to me rather than just use a form letter. Needless to say, I still don’t have a harddrive. I really need a hard drive. I kind of needed one 18 days ago when I ordered it. Maybe I should try Amazon?

In the process of my asking for my money back, they have basically accused me of lying. So, just to be clear, do not ever use, because really suck.

Thank you for your time! I will let this go now! Please do the world a favour and spread the word so that no one else wastes their time and money.

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Se Telefonando


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Wondering where I’ve been? Let’s just say Jack is a very fucking dull boy at this point.

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Camera woes

My digital camera has become flakey and today I returned from a weekend away to find my compact flash card was no longer working. I wasn’t a happy bunny until I found the freeware application PhotoRec . I almost didn’t find this application, so I’m linking it here so that you will if this happens to you. I almost paid $50 for a something called Flash File Recovery, but I would have had to wait up to 2 days for my authorization code. There’s nothing like instant gratification. Bizarrely, the 7 most interesting pictures on the card remained corrupted. But my brother had backed these up so hopefully I can get them off him.

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