We just had an amazing thunderstorm here in Brooklyn, which felt as if it was directly overhead. This gave me a chance to listen to some records…….

Shirley Scott: 'Mystical Lady' (LP; Cadet; 1971)
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This is a pleasant enough LP, but somehow none of the organ LPs I've bought on Cadet have quite met my expectations. The album has 6 tracks, all very jazzy and a little too noodley for my taste. It's still a very pleasant LP to listen to all the way through. Shirley adds a very sweet vocal to one track, 'your song' (written by...er...Elton John. Hmm), and 6 and a half minute Creedence cover 'Proud Mary' is entertaining and wild, with a frantic beat and a strong bassline. Overall there's something missing for me - the tracks sound a little to smooth and a little too aimless. I have an Odell Brown record coming to me in the mail; I wonder if that will be more to my taste. I guess the sound I'm looking for is a little more pop and less jazz...

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