Quick non-musical interlude: I just found this rather amazing site. It’s a community for people who love British chocolate. The cross-section of people who like chocolate is fascinating, and almost as many people who scorn the site seem to put in an appearance. There’s a lively forum featuring discussions like “Nightmare with my walnut whip!” and “Minstrel Warning”, and the discussions themselves are very entertaining. This one is about Revels, a strange packet of chocolate sweets:

“Yes! there was definitely a strawberry one. Not sure about the coconut one though. Wish they would bring it back as the coffee ones are horrible. Don’t they know that no-one likes them and everyone gives them to the dog?”

The site was of special interest to me, since I brought back 8 Tunnock’s Caramel bars, 3 packets of Smarties, and 6 Caramacs from my trip to Scotland.

I managed to buy absolutely no CDs on my trip. Just a few interesting soundtrack 45s from Pakistan, which I hope to review here soon.

Jorge Ben: 'Africa Brasil' (CD; Philips; 1976)
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