I was just listening to the new Pet Shop Boys album, fundamental. I haven’t totally warmed to it yet, but at least it sounds like the Pet Shop Boys, unlike Release, which I thought was poor.

I now work in absolutely central London which will take some getting used to. Fun so far though.

I have a new record player set up at home and have enjoyed dipping into some records.

It remains the case though that my passion and enjoyment of music have been somewhat butchered over the past 12 months. I’m not happy about this. If you read this and have an idea of a compilation you would really like to have made, let me know. Maybe I can make it for you and get back into doing that kind of thing again.

On the plus side, there is a new Misty Roses release coming out in October! It’s currently being pressed, but you can hear some tracks over at our Myspace page.

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